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Lady Levitate 2

Brooks Lady Levitate 2

RRP £139.99

The Brooks Levitate 2 fare neutral running shoes. These responsive running shoes return a lot of energy when running. The DNA AMP midsole offers the perfect combination between cushioning and energy return. The midsole captures and returns your energy to help fuel your run mile after mile. This helps you to continue your run and provides you with a continuous energetic feeling.

The fully renewed Fit Knit upper is very comfortable. The knitted upper comfortably encloses the feet. The soft lining at the heel prevents irritation of the Achilles.

The outsole with its arrow-point design ensures effective heel-to-toe transition, without wasting energy. With these responsive running shoes you will be able to run on when others have already given up.

Fit Knit Upper
The Fit Knit Upper accommodates your foot as it moves and expands. The upper provides an intuitive, personal fit.

The new Brooks technology provides the perfect blend of cushioning and energy return for a responsive ride. The foam, wrapped in a TPU skin, captures the energy created by each foot strike and gives it straight back to you.

Arrow Point Outsole Pattern
The flexible arrow-point outsole helps you move from heel to toe quickly, without losing energy.

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